SLES 11 SP3, Zenworks 11.3 Windows 8.1 Update, physical server

Long story short, I managed to delete some important stuff under /var, but not Zenworks. I stopped it soon enough. I was trying to delete a /var folder on an external HDD. I had a mysterious reboot Sunday night and it was sitting on a failed fsck in the morning with the file system mounted read only, and so my problems started. No, I don't have a current enough, good full system back up and "zman" doesn't actually work anymore; it asks for the user name and password but then hangs (yes, I waited a few hours, twice). I copied the content repo, database folder and /etc/opt/novell to an external HDD.

I have some professional help on the way, but I'd like some input.

I have a SLES 11 SP3 vm ready to go (Zenworks not installed), but I was wondering if I should just use the pre-built Zenworks vm appliance?

Will there be an issue with copying over stuff from Zen Windows 8.1 update to 11.3a?

Since I couldn't create the encrypted config backup file per the disaster recovery documentation, will there be an issue just copying over the /etc/opt/novell/folder from the external HDD?