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Install ZCM 11.2 64-bit Servers into the Current Zone.
Configure your Location Rules so Devices now point to the 64-bit servers.
Allow Time for Devices to Checkin (1-2 weeks) then ensure roles such as
the CA/DB have been migrated.

Remove old servers from the Zone and then do your 11.3 Upgrade.

Most of this should be documented.

Then Upgrade zone to 11.3

There will be far less user impact than moving devices to a new zone.
I can second that. Have done this a couple of times by first introducing a new 64bit primary to the zone. As long as you take the time for this (for content to replicate between servers and also have the devices receive the new location rules), it's generally a very smooth process.

With a small "twist", you can also -after removing the old primaries for the zone - (re)install a new 64bit bit server using the same name and IP that was used for the old primary. Then install the ZCM primary role back onto it. This ensures a device that has not been able to check in after a longer period, still finds it's way home.

An option I also tried a couple of weeks ago, was to create a DNS CNAME record for the old primary, that was no longer running, and point it to the new primary. That meant I did not have to reinstall the old primary. This did work, but has the effect of prompting to accept the new primary server certificate (as the CNAME fqdn does not match the primary fqdn) when a device does a ZAC retr or reg. So not a clean option in that sense.

For devices that are still being managed you can easily work around that by replacing the devices initial-web-service file (in the zenworks agent conf folder). (THANKS for that very simple and effective tip Carig! ).