Morning all,

Have recently upgraded a Groupwise 8 system (1 domain, 9 PO's) to version 2012. Everything seemed to go smoothly.

One odd thing that I have noticed since the upgrade is that all PO's show as version 12 in C1 however when looking at the web interface and in the cycled log files for 7 of the PO's they show up as version 8. The remaining 2 PO's and the Domain MTA show up as version 12.

Note I did have to go through the process of manually copying in the *.dc files to kickstart the PO upgrade process. Each PO was upgraded in the same way.

Has anyone seen something like this? Better yet, what would be the best course of action? I'm thinking a PO rebuild might be the way to go, however wanted to hear from the experts first.

Environment is a mix of SLES11SP2/OES11SP1 and SLES10SP3/OES2SP2. No consistency between OS version and the upgraded PO version.

Thanks all.