Whe have Vibe 3.4.0 in our TEST enviroment, and now have an reason / possibility to introduce Vibe has a good collaboration software solution. In our company whe go migrate Windows XP to Windows 7SP1, including migration from Zen7 > Zen11, make applications with ZAV etc. But what i'am looking for is a 'simple' template for Vibe to build a kind off Forum(s) (like this Vibe forum on the novell site), for all the users, where the can place questions, problems, idea's, etc with Windows 7 or something related with the migration. And so other users, colleague's, helpdesk, etc can help each other with solutions, and react at the posted questions. Because whe don't use Vibe yet, whe have no expirience how to build such a faq/forum on Vibe, but maybe someone can give us trics/tips/templates to get this working? And also give Vibe a good introduction in this way. Thank you in advance. HKO