Filr 1.0.1 on ESXi 5.1
LDAP/eDirectory 8.x

LDAP sync works fine and all the users appear in the admin console under "users", but some users say "disabled" and cannot be enabled because they are linked to LDAP. Also we get "Note: This person either does not have a workspace or you do not have rights to it. A Quick View profile can not be displayed for them." on many of the users. Some users are greyed out even though they have valid/enabled eDirectory accounts.

We haven't made any changes since launch of the production server months ago, also the LPAD source hasn't had any significant changes.

Users do not have any storage on Filr, just their home folder and net folders.

It hasn't been used much, should I just remove all the users and re-import them?

Should I update the appliance first?