Dear community,

A long time ago we used Novell Netware and moved to Microsoft Active Directory, but since playing with Novell OES recently I decided to move back and drop MS AD. Our network has changed over the years and we are now using a segmented network.

In my test scenario I had the server (Linux OES 11) in the same vlan as the client. So when I browsed the tree I could easily find the tree name, context and server. But now, in a live scenario, the server is in vlan 10 (10.0.10.x) and the rest of the network is segmented in other vlan's. For example we have vlan 500 (10.50.0.x) where clients reside and they are able to ping the server, but we cannot browse the tree. Obviously this is because of multicasting not being able to reach outside of vlan 10.

I tried this: (Can't login with Novell Client due to SLP problems), but this didn't help. When I enable DA and SA on the server and configure the Novell Client's Service Location tab, I still cannot see the tree. slpinfo /a doesn't see the tree either.

What am I missing? Could you point me in the right direction please?

Kind regards, John