I have finished migrating Groupwise 8 from Netware to SLES 11 SP3 in a test environment and have run into two issues. This test system has no internet access (would it be possible to give it access without interfering with the production GW server?).

One, there is no system address book available although sending to another user in the system appears to work when you type their common name (the auto populate does not work, however).

Two, when viewing the POA using the http monitor page, the MTP Current Status shows as Unavailable for both Send and Receive and the Inbound and Outbound TCP/IP addresses are both blank (maybe due to no internet access?).

I have checked my Post Office link and it is configured as TCP/IP with the correct IP address. I followed the Caledonia guide to moving Groupwise and I moved all components of groupwise.

What did I miss?