Iím having some performance problems with "filr" platform. With only 5 users using the platform (testing it) it takes a lot to login.
It takes about 40s beetwen login and to load MyFiles area.
It also takes a lot to open the files comments...

Would like some advice on where to look to try solve this.
Also would like to ask if its normal that filr database is using almost 60G...

My environment: (all machines are virtualized)
My filr appliance (Version: has 12G memory and 8vCPUs (virtual cpus). Filr search (Version: has 8G memory and 4vCPUs. At last i have mysql (5.5.x) with 2G and 2vCPUs.

Filr netfolders are running on oes11sp1 and are distributed over a wan network due to the geographical locations of our offices.
Each office has more than 1 netfolder created on filr. We use just-in-time-synchronization with a schedule full synchronization at weekends.
Overall we have more than 6million files.