Over the last holiday weekend we had a user account compromised and that account was used to send out millions of SPAM messages. I have since locked down the server and had staff update passwords, etc. My question is about using LDAP to set/enforce password policies. I would like to require a minimum password, also require an UPPER case, lower case, number and symbol to be safe. Is this possible with LDAP?

Also, is there any way to limit the amount of email sent from one account? Even if it was set at 1000 per day it would have saved me a LOT of hassle. How about a notify admin if there is large amounts of email being sent...on a Sunday night...when nobody is working???

I know Netware used to offer that ability via NRM to warn me when the server had issues, etc. Just curious if that is possible using GW 2012 on SUSE Linux.

Thanks as always for your expert help!!!