Hi, I'm testing the upgrade of Zenworks 11.2.3 to Sp3 in my test environment and it failed.

On the screen there's an error executing AddIdColumnMssqlConfigureAction, check the novell-zenworks-configure.log.

In this log, there's no error! its just write that it stop the services then "StartConfigureAction complete!".

The only error I found is in the file services-messages.log and it write "License is expired".

In the System Update Entitlement, the Entitlement State is expired. But what I've read in the forums is that the update can be done on command line anyway.
Can this error prevent me to upgrade to Sp3?

The OS is SLES11Sp3 64bits, the external DB is SQL 2008 R2.

The ZENworks_Upgrade_....log.xml give me that the SQL server is reachable at port 1433.

So I'm not sure what to check next?

I tried the TID 7014681 to create the Audit db but it still have the same error.

Can someone help me?

thank you.