I have only eDir, several OES11 and sles 11 servers. I also have several windows servers but no AD.

I need to deploy a large number of laptops (windows 7). They will be brand new out of the box. I want to manage them from ZCM. I know I have to install the adaptive agent on them via a discovery process, that I can do and handle. There are some other tweaks I have to do by hand (name, admin account,etc), but then I have several apps I need to install including Office 2013. I have attempted to do this with an install directory bundle and can get that to work, but have discovered that if the install is ran from a local directory the config.xml file won't work. It seems it needs to run from a network share. All the documents point to creating a network share and then create a file using OCT using the /admin switch. I think I can handle that. Now to my questions.

Is it possible to create a network share that can be used as an install point and accessed by the laptop without AD or eDir users authenticate? Can I do that with only using a local user account that is not authenticated to a directory? If so, can someone explain how I would do that.

Is it possible to run an Office 2013 install that is totally hands off? So that no one has to touch the laptop? If so, what do I need to know, where do I look in the docs?

If I can't run the install hands off using a network share and OCT create file, is it possible to create an add on image that has the Office suite installed and then use that to place the office apps on the laptop, even if the laptop is not create from a zmg image? Can I add an add-on image to a non-imaged workstation?

I have completed several searches and read much, experimented, but I can't turn over the right rock on how do do this one.