I'd appreciate help resolving some conflicting information I've received. Last year we virtualized our OES 11 servers on ESXi. Our vendor, who was well recommended to us, suggested that we backup with Veeam, and we do. When I asked he said that Veeam is able to restore a server completely and that eDirectory is rugged enough to resolve any inconsistencies caused by restoring an entire server image. However, since then I have had others say that you should never restore a whole image of an OES server, or at least not one with an eDirectory replica.

What does Novell say about this? I don't mean to make this necessarily limited to Veeam, but can eDirectory make the necessary adjustments if a previous server image is restored? If not, is there any backup solution that can safely restore an entire OES server, or is a rebuild the only option with a failed server? Thank you.