We are about to upgrade our 11.2.3a server to 11.3.

Most of our existing agents are running 11.2.3. We expect to reimage and replace around 30% of our existing machines this summer, and those machines will include the 11.3 agent.

I looked in the ZCM 11.3 documentation online but either I missed it somehow or it was not spelled out clearly in the documentation ... does Novell support Windows 7 Pro SP1 machines running 11.2.3a agent with an 11.3 server, or are we required to upgrade those agents to 11.3 ASAP? My preference would be to keep the existing 11.2.3 agents at that version for now because so many of our machines are off-campus (and possibly out of the country) for the summer and I would rather they be here in case the agent upgrade goes wrong.

Is this scenario officially supported by Novell (specifically, 11.2.3 agents managed by 1.3 server)?