ZCM 11 SP4
Devices running Windows 7 SP1
Imaging using MC Image Set preboot bundle

We have been using ZCM for quite some time now and have utilized some basic imaging methods. This year, we are attempting to dig our heels in and utilize some of the more advanced imaging techniques offered via ZCM. We are a school system and we image all our workstations every summer. We are attempting to automate the process as much as possible. Going pretty good...few bumps and bruises but learning a lot along the way.

My 1st question here is to find out if it is possible to search a workstation folder for devices that still have "outstanding" imaging work to be done? We mass assigned bundles within the folder and then we mass "Apply assigned imaging bundle". We boot up and all works pretty well...we had a few snags that seem to be worked out now but need to be able to determine which workstations still have "work to do". Is there a way to determine this other than going into each device and looking under "Imaging Work"? I'd like to have a list returned of ALL devices that still have "Imaging Work" since we are talking about several hundred devices.

My 2nd question is to find out if there is a way to "Apply assigned imaging bundle" to a workstation group. I noticed that I can assign imaging bundles to a group but don't seem to have the option to "Apply assigned imaging bundle" when selecting the members of the a workstation group. We are working around that right now but it would certainly make our lives much easier if we were able to do this based on groups.

Thanks for an advice.