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Thread: Exchange Calendar Event?

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    Exchange Calendar Event?

    Before we upgraded to GW 2014 (this past weekend) we were running GW 2012 sp2 on SLES 11 SP3. (still same OS, now GW 2014).
    I had opened an SR on receiving calendar events from external customers using Exchange, (about a year ago).
    Novell had told me that the fix was to "...turn off intruder detection in gwia properties under pop3/imap4."
    It seemed to work and I had Novell close the SR.
    However, before and after we upgraded to GW 2014 this hasn't been working any more.
    It had worked, but then quit working. It MIGHT have been when I migrated GroupWise from SLES 10 SP4, to SLES 11 SP3, back in December.
    However, the gwia properties didn't change. Perhaps something in the server settings?
    When I receive a calendar event from my hotmail account to my GW account, the calendar event works.
    When a friend of mine, who is on Exchange 2010, sends me a calendar event, it doesn't work, it just appears as a plain message.
    He sent the calendar event to both my hotmail and GW account.
    The hotmail account shows the calendar event, but the GW account doesn't.

    Is there anything else I need to do to get it working?
    I was HOPING that the upgrade to GW 2014 would've resolved this, but no luck.

    As always thanks!

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