Windows 2008 (non R2) 32bit Primary server, first server in zone, so acts as the CA. ZCM 11.2.4
Windows 2008 R2 64 bit. ZCM 11.2.4

Wanting to test server migration from unsupported system to the new 2008 R2 server.

Migration started in accordance with documentation (setup -R). Systems are on the same segment. Firewalls are off. Originally both systems were using DHCP (these are test systems), this is what I believe caused original failure. Failure seemed to indicate that the networking portioned failed (don't have the original log files as I deleted them during the rollback of the VM). Fine, so we set the networking to what real servers would have (static IP addresses), restarted the servers and then attempted the upgrade again.

After the first few initial screens we get a "Zenwork Server Migration already started on same other machine" problem. I believe there is something in the database that is indicating this, but not quite sure (we're rolling the DB back right now to see).

Anyone else see this before?

Will post results of the rollback.