An OES2 Linux server experienced a name collision. I believe I know why this occurred; it was a one-time event from a different server with a replica of the partition containing the OES2 Linux server.

Let's say its real name is SRVR1. There is an object named SRVR1 as well as an object named 0_2, which has a secondary (non-naming) CN of SRVR1. When I type "rcndsd status" at this server's console, it shows its server name is CN=0_2.O=Location.T=Tree. When I run a report sync status, it shows up in the list as 0_2.

My question is - do I delete the 0_2 object or the SRVR1 object? If I do the former, do I stop ndsd on the server first, and what happens when I restart it? Will it connect to the correctly named object? If I do the latter, do I need to recreate all the objects associated with correctly named server object?

Or can I rename the SRVR1 object to SRVR1_old, then rename the 0_2 object to SRVR1? And if I do that, what sort of cleanup will be needed?