For the most part the Groupwise 2014 client has been upgrading on Windows XP and Windows 7 workstations successfully.
However, I have at least one Windows XP computer (with all the authorized updates) that is giving me troubles.
The computer has the GW 2012 client before the upgrade and the GW 2014 client install completes successfully and I am using a jump drive with the installation on it. Note: I've used the same jump drive to install on several Windows XP and Windows 7 workstations with out any issues.
When the user uses their right mouse button and clicks on a file that he wants to attach to a message and then selects "GroupWise recipient" he gets the error message "gwshlsnd.exe is not a valid Win32 application".
This XP is a 32-bit version of Windows XP.
I've tried several things:
1. Upgraded the client to the 2014 version.
2. uninstalled the client, cleaned up the directory (deleting c:\Program Files\Novell directory) and installed the 2014 client as an install (instead of an update)
3. uninstalled the client, disabled all services (using msconfig), rebooted, enabled two services (Plug-n-Play and Windows Installer) and installed the new
I have a feeling for some reason a dll file is not registering correctly, but which?
Perhaps this could be motivation to replace at least this Windows XP computer - ha!
Any suggestions?