Hi, on August 2013 I opened a thread concerning the fact that when I try to install silently the Novell client (Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR7a) now) sometimes the setup.exe process will just stop without any popup, error message, etc. We can only see the error in the Application log in the event viewer. I get something about setup.exe_unknown that crash with error 1000. I launch the installation for a new installation and for an update only using this command: setup.exe /acu /ncpf. I also included in the installation folder the answer files Install.ini and NovellClientProperties.txt. By the way is there some way to launch the setup.exe to get some logs? For example, setup.exe /acu /ncpf /L*v C:\logs.txt? And to make sure I force under ZENworks that it's the first thing that get installed on our workstation. We don't install anything else before. Even then we still get the error about 50% to 75% of the time. So I'm looking for a way to fix this permanently!

Thanks in advance for the help!