Not sure if this forum is still live but here goes

We have a legacy ZLM 7.3 IR4 primary server running on a SUSE 10.4 server with a local postgresql database.

We are getting the following warning from the nightly vacuum cron script '/usr/bin/zlm-pg-vacuum'

WARNING: database "postgres" must be vacuumed within 106755292 transactions
HINT: To avoid a database shutdown, execute a full-database VACUUM in "postgres".

From looking at the ZLM documentation we tried the following
zlm-config --stop
/usr/bin/zlm-pg-vacuum --full

This ran but gave a similar warning all be it that the transactions count has gone down :-(

We have also tried connecting to the database using 'psql' and running 'vacuum full' but with the same results

We have subsequently tried running a '' (took 8 hours) and followed that with another '/usr/bin/zlm-pg-vacuum --full' but this also had no effect

Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do to alleviate this issue? By our rough calculations we have around 90 days before the database will close to connections