Hi readers,
we have detected a problem (BUG) with our ZEN while we do a migration of ALL our PCs.
Very often the installation of our Bundles stops. Why? There is a DIRECTORY
in c:\Program files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\logs\ all ist fine.
BUT on a workstation with a died (dead) Migration there is a FILE (!!!) c:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\logs which is filled with log entrys..
Which jerk is programming such a sh...t??? And no we want not upgrade to 11.2.4 at 75% of the PCs done...
What we do is:
1) cmd> runas /user:WSAdmin "sc \\dead.migration.pc stop \"Novell ZENworks Agent Service\"" (was it the same id..t which did not programmed an SPACE SIGN LESS (!!!!!!!!) SHORT name for the agent???)
2) delete The log-File (where the Agent is waiting for an DIRECTORY)
3) and then we start the service remotly again

and this comes the more PCs we touch and of course in the test this did not apper (ha!)

... Cool sports while migrating isn't it???

Hope this helps one which is running into the same trouble AND hope that one from Novell is WAKING UP AND DOES the right things ;-)

week is over ... timline is .. near :-( bit frustrated
Any cool ideas are welcome!
We are running Mounthly Update 1 (I am typing this - reight-click and copy this entry from the agent is not supported -no,no comment: this is an enterprise software )