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Thread: Reading ISD fields in Windows (ziswin?)

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    Unhappy Reading ISD fields in Windows (ziswin?)

    Just re-writing some of our scripts for our next imaging cycle but hit a problem...

    Novell documentation says that using the Linux-based zisview tool I can extract data from any field in the ISD and save it for use in scripts, variables and so on. However once I'm in Windows all I can do with the equivalent tool (ziswin.exe) there is open a manual editor window or clear the ISD?!

    That doesn't help me much when re-imaging a known machine, allowing ZCM to auto rename but then I also need to reinstall Bundles with some degree of intelligence. Seeing as ZCM doesn't have this feature out the box I've scripted it using PowerShell and zac bin commands, to decide which optional Bundles I usally do that via a registry key I generate when naming machines with PowerShell. However in this case as the rename is done automatically I need to find a way to grab the same information in an automated fashion. Luckily the information that would help me is stored right there in the ISD (workgroup name).

    Is there any way to read data from ISD fields in Windows (and if not why not?) Found some old legacy tools for doing something similar but all return blank data, I expect due to the HDD sector change I read Novell made a few years back. Exporting to a file doesn't help either as the file isn't in a readable format
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