We have seen a strange situation several times now. If we attempt to copy a folder from one Novell NSS volume on a server to another NSS volume on another server, in this case OES2sp3 Linux, the copy will not succeed because it reports there is not enough disk space. Even if the folder is say 8GB in size and there is 20GB of space free on the other volume it still will not copy.

By copying a small amount of folders at a time, we have located Windows shortcuts(lnk) files in certain folders that point to other Novell NSS volumes on our system. Users create them by accident or on purpose sometimes. Somehow Windows(Novell Client) is seeing that link and adding the space it points to instead of just the size of the lnk itself (Tiny) to the total amount of space used.

We've seen this multiple times now and simply deleting the link allows the copy to occur and the correct amount of space to be reported.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a permanent fix, short of just deleting shortcuts from the OES Linus server's NSS volume?