Hello. I Just tested GroupWise 2014 on Japanese Environment.

I Found 3 Bugs(?) in GroupWise 2014 FAT Client on Windows 81 upgrade.

1. "Jitaku" shuld be "Home". mistransration. Jitaku means 'My House' or 'My residensce'.
This expression is a very unnatural expression as it is told for me to go house.

2. Japanese Kanji code corrupt 'Mojibake' on Mail Properties. 'Pending' or 'Open', and so on. It was not happen WebAccess. It is too easy
I think Shift-JIS code could not change into UTF.
I have found this Bug in 30 seconds.

3. Japanese IME easy to crash during writing e-mail.
When I wrote subject: by Nihongo and next main title,
Japanese IME crashed. It is easy to happen.

Windows +Space key re-alive IME.

This phenomenon occurs frequently a lot, users will be irritated very much.

If you have good solution above BUGs, please replay.

Thank you.