I may understand this better later, but at this stage I find this quite alarming.

Looking at the documentation https://www.novell.com/documentation...rectories.html "The upgrade process does not remove these obsolete GroupWise objects from eDirectory. You can simply ignore them, or you can manually delete them by using ConsoleOne after the domains and post offices have been upgraded."

You really don't want to do this. I configured up my Directory and LDAP servers in Groupwise 2014. All good. I was confused because the User Objects in Groupwise were missing the Firstname. It turns out that the Groupwise user objects might be linked the eDir User objects, but they still maintain cut down Groupwise objects in the tree as well. It was these objects that were missing the first names. (On this test system I don't have IDM running, but assume on production where we do have IDM running, the objects will be synced correctly.) To test this, I removed one of the objects, supposedly now redundant, having been upgraded to Groupwise 2014, using ConsoleOne. It removed the user from Groupwise! I then tried creating a new domain in Groupwise using the new admin portal. (What a breeze by the way) and low and behold, it created a new domain in eDir, visible in ConsoleOne!

Obviously you can't delete the old objects. Either, the doco is wrong or misleading, or I haven't understood something. Thank God I didn't just decide to delete all the old objects as per the doco. I'd have no email system left to speak of.

Appreciate some feedback on this one.