I seem to struggle to find a more appropriate place to post this so
hopefully someone can either correct me or forward this where it should

I work with approximately 4000 SLE-licensed systems and in the light of
recent developments around systemd, am very concerned about our future
relationship with SLE products.

It is unknown to me whether SLE 12 will be exclusively systemd-based or
if SysV Init will remain a viable option but the uncertainty is making
us nervous.

The laundry list of issues around systemd is too long to quote here but
I hope SUSE hears this loud and clear:

If SysV Init is not available in SLE 12 and, more importantly, remains
usable (we can autoyast to it and continue using it), we will be
migrating away from all commercial SUSE products before SLE 11 support
runs out.

No ifs, no buts, no amount of convincing about supposed virtues of
systemd can change this. Not happening.

I really hope that someone in SUSE reads this.

Best regards,
JZ, a concerned sysadmin.

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