we experience a strange behaviour for one of our users, unfortunately a CEO. Our Client version is 12.0.2 at the moment. With GW 2012 the "resend" context option for appointmens has been replaced by the new "edit" option. The problem is that this edit option just appars for about 50% of his sent appointments, the others are treated like received appointments without the edit option. It is possible for those appointments to open them and use "actions" -> "edit" but this leads to a new appointment and also leaves the old one existent - very confusing for the attendands. This behaviour also appears for two secretaries which use his calendar by proxy access so it is a client independent issue.

Just for testing purposes I have checked this behaviour with an older GW client (8.0.3). There is no edit option of course but for all of the sent appointments the old "resend" option appears. So I assume we are experiencing a bug in the appointment edit function of GW 2012.

Ive exported several faulty and working appointments to eml files and compared them - there is no obvious commonality. Up to now we did only experience this behaviour for the one specific user. GWCheck did not show errors for his mailbox. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the calendar? It holds roundabout 25k appointments.

Did anyone have a similar issue before or has an idea which may help us?

Thanks in advance.