Our original CA finally expired last week. We had to renew the CA and then renew all server certificates. Everything seems fine now except for iPrint management on some servers.

When we try to access https://server_ip/psmstatus, it prompts us to accept the new certificate (which is correct), asks us to login, but then gives a "Server error 500". The Apache error_log shows "authnz_ldapdn authenticate: Hint: This could be because of certificate verification failure. See TID 7002848 for more details." I've tried every trick I can think of, but cannot figure it out. NLDAP is running properly using SSL, Apache is using the new certificates. I've checked iprint_ssl.conf and iprint_g.conf in /etc/opt/novell/iprint/httpd/conf and they match our other servers that work (other than the server name/ip). I exported the SSL Certificate DNS from iManager and used the Cool Solutions certificate recreation script on the .pfx file, but no luck there either. I finally used YaST to reconfigure both LDAP and iPrint, but that did not help either.

The TID referenced in the error_log just points back to the steps I have already followed. I am out of ideas now.