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> I may have a similar problem without an easy answer. I am working on
> two web servers that share an NSS Volume as the document root. I have
> been working on these servers for so long I am not sure if I had tried
> configuring them with Yast or not but my problem is this.
> When I reboot the server, Apache appears to load properly, "rcapache2
> status" indicates everything is loaded but when you attempt to load a
> web page from this server, no page loads and the Apache error_log
> contains several lines like this:
> "child pid xxxxx exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"
> The Web server does not work.
> If I restart Apache, ("rcapache2 restart") Apache loads properly and
> everything works correctly. Somehow the automatic load of Apache when
> the server starts does not load properly.
> Could this be a problem with the Apache Modules load order in
> /etc/sysconfig/apache2?
> The contents of this line are:
> APACHE_MODULES="authz_host actions alias auth_basic authz_groupfile
> authn_file authz_user autoindex cgi dir include log_config mime
> negotiation setenvif status userdir asis imagemap ldap authnz_ldap proxy
> rewrite ssl php5 authz_default proxy_ajp"
> Anyone see anything loading in the wrong order?

Given your mention of using an NSS volume for the DocumentRoot I
suspect your issue is not to do with the order of the
APACHE_MODULES variable (it doesn't matter) but more with the NSS
volume not being available (mounted) when Apache starts,
particularly as you say it works if you then restart

Try editing /etc/init.d/apache2 and adding "nss" (without the
quotes) to the Required-Start line then run "insserv". This
should reorder the startup scripts so Apache starts after NSS is

Simon Flood
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