I have a tomcat servlet (deployed as a .war file) running on OES2 currently. Works great. In order to get it to run, we were provided a conf file that was added in /etc/opt/novell/httpd/g.confd/myservlet.conf. As you know this is where all the conf files get loaded in OES Apache. Now I am trying this on OES11, the same servlet does not run. I tweaked the conf file to point to the tomcat6 directory in OES11. What gets me is that the same servlet runs fine on the standalone iManager 2.7.6 that you can download directly from the Novell download site.

Now, you might say just run it on standalone iManager and call it a day. We have reasons to run it on the OES11 version of iManager. Does anyone know how to get the Apache on OES11 to service the tomcat servlet?

I can't even get an error when I hit the servlet directly like this-- http://serveFQDN/myservlet/