We have CIFS exports for a number of volumes on all our servers. A couple of times recently when servers have been restarted they have not exported CIFS volumes correctly.

The first time I spotted this was a month or so ago on one of our Student servers. After the restart none of the 6 user volumes on the server were available via CIFS after a restart. The exports had to be recreated using iManager. The exports were missing from iManager even though they had previously been created and had been working.

On the second occasion (Monday morning this week) a similar problem occurred on one of our staff servers. Out of 5 user volumes only 1 of them appeared as a CIFS export after the restart. The other 4 exports had to be recreated using iManager.

I have checked in the boot.msg log, the messages log and the cifs.log. There are error messages in there but as they also apply to the volume which was successfully exported after restart and it is not possible to determine whether they are directly relevant 'bad' errors or general informational errors.

I checked the CIFS admin guide, the knowledge base, and these forums but cannot find a list of CIFS error codes or method for troubleshooting the problem. Restarting CIFS doesn't make any difference which leads me to believe it is a problem caused either at startup or on shutdown.

Any ideas? A list of CIFS error codes would probably be helpful, are these available anywhere? Is there a log I should be looking in that I have missed? Could it be a timing problem, the server trying to retrieve the information from DS (eDir) before the server has fully initialised for example? If that sort of timing problem how are the exports then removed from DS? Is something happening when the server is shutting down that might remove the exports from DS?

This is the OES/SLES version the server is on -

Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)
VERSION = 11.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)