Hello everyone,
Have a question about roaming profiles.
Thusfar all machines were XP Pro, and all worked like a charm. I had 1 Vista machine, but only as admin
And although never change a winning team, we have started to replace some pc's with W7 Pro.

Situation ZCM 11.3
Windows 7 Pro, profile storage on Nss volume, not in user folder.
I have followed instructions, creating a Default v2 folder.
When logging in, a new folder is created on the server, but with a $ sign
so USER$.V2
Is that correct ?

For the admin on the vista machine, i had a folder admin.v2, but is does not seem to sync on the W7 machine.
Can the same v2 user profile be used with both Vista and W7 machine ?

Or do I need a profile ADMIN$.V2 ?

Thanks, Stephan