Hi all

we have been a very traditional NetWare-Company neglecting all local user security (on windows) as we always tried to force the users not to save any data on local drives (but only on our NetWare- or OES-drives). So all of our users work on the local windows Administrator-account without any password.

With a new IT-Management in place, this has to change. The new management wants to make sure laptops can't be used when stolen.

So we have the following requirements to implement:
1) local user account with central policies in place
2) the local user account has to be single sign on with NDS (only one password to enter for local user account and nds login)
3) user roaming (user should be able to change physical machine and get the same environment)

So far, we have used ZCM 11 primarily for software deployment. We are on ZCM 11.2.4.

I do have an idea how to implement Point 1) and 3), but i am unsure which way to go for the SSO part (Point 2)

hopefully, someone can point me in the right direction.


Andrej Dimic
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