I am attempting to export the membership lists of a selection of groups to delimited file using ice.exe command line but only get one member for each group.

The Delim destination handler has options for primary and secondary delimiters which suggests it should output mutli-values. Is there a parameter I've missed to output multi-values?

Command line I'm using is:
c:\novell\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\ice -S LDAP -s lthidm02 -d cn=user,ou=IT_SERVICES,O=Work -w p@55word -F"(&(objectclass=groupofnames)(ngwpostoffice=*) )" -b t=here -c sub -a cn,owner,description,ngwvisibility,member -D DELIM -f Distgroups.txt -d "|" -q "+" -F DistGroupAttribs.txt

DistGroupAttribs.txt contains:

The ldif destination handler outputs multi-values without problem but it is more effort to get that into a spreadsheet.