Moving GW 8.02 from suse 10 to oes 11 in virtual environment. First I used dbcopy to move the structure over - no problems with that. Then on the new server I installed and configured post office and mta agents. Both start just fine on the new server. The problem is with installing and configuring gwia - documentation is not very clear on that. As with other agents I ran install script and then selected Install Products - Groupwise internet agent. Gwia config screens does not give me an option to reuse existing gwia object, it just wants to install new one. Tried to use already existing gwia name, it did not work. Then tried new gwia name but in both cases gwia would not start. All unc paths and IP were correctly changed to point to the new server. Apparently I am not doing something right with gwia configuration. Can someone please post detailed gwia installation and configuration steps?