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Thread: POA log shows a lot of 8210 errors when running QF indexing

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    POA log shows a lot of 8210 errors when running QF indexing

    I recently set up an additional POA on a separate NetWare server to handle the QuickFinder indexing for my single post office system.
    GW version is GW8 SP3 HP3

    I followed the options outlined in the GW 8 documentation, as well as a number of TID/Cool Solutions articles:


    Per the GW8 documentation, the agent settings in C1 are:

    In the Agent settings tab, Message file processing is off, Administration Task Processing is off and the http console access is set up with a password.
    All checkboxes are cleared in the maintenance and scheduled events tabs
    Quickfinder Interval is set to 0

    Per TID 7009120 (https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7009120), my config file has the following switches:

    /name ****
    /qflevel 999
    /loglevel verbose
    /soap disabled
    /cap disabled
    /imap disabled

    We don't use document libraries
    I use the /nodca switch in the config file of both the main POA and this new new agent.

    When the indexing runs, I see large numbers of the following error:
    11:53:51 028 The database function 87 reported error [8210] on userxxx.db
    11:53:51 028 Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [8210]

    Sometimes there are additional entries for a specific user account:

    10:49:13 028 Compressing QuickFinder index: useraj1.db (127)
    10:49:13 028 Updating QuickFinder index: useraj1.db (127)
    10:49:17 028 Error [8210], updating index: useraj1.db, 222390
    10:49:17 028 From: "OncLive"
    10:49:17 028 Date: 06/24/2014 02:00:51
    10:49:20 028 The database function 87 reported error [8210] on useraj1.db
    10:49:20 028 Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [8210]

    This thread regarding the error was related to a missing documents library, but as stated, we don't use documents libraries:

    Are these strictly cosmetic errors due to the system loking for non-existent document libraries or is there possibly something more serious at issue?
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