Novell Client 2 SP3 on Windows 7 Professional PC with SLES 10SP4\OES2SP3 and Microsoft Windows 2008R2 Server. New user logs onto PC and gets request to change password. Changes password and system states password change was successful. When desktop comes up eDirectory states that password needs to be changed and user has 3 grace logins (default). If you click NO not to change password, open iManager and look up the user - password was changed from the initial change password (new expiration date). Have the user log out and back in again with new password and there are no problems.

This only happens to new users on the network. I have never seen this before. We have the following set in the Novell Client: in the Advanced Login tab:
- Login Windows Password synchronization = On
- Show login Windows Password synchronization = On
- Windows Password Synchronization = On

I even uninstalled the Client and reinstalled it. The only parameter from above that was set to OFF was Login Windows Password Synchronization on the new installation of the client. When I tried logging in as a new user with this turned off, the Novell password DID NOT GET CHANGED. When I set it to ON and tried logging in as a new user, I got the scenario above where it stated password was successfully changed but then eDirectory came up stating password needed to be changed and it was already changed.

I just checked the replica ring and all servers are showing Green. There is a common server that all users map to. Could this server be the problem child?