Here's my scenario - 1 primary server (11.3) at home site A, 1 satellite server (11.3) at remote site B. Network environment created for sites A and B. I have set the download throttle bandwidth to 0 for the site A environment and set the site B environment to 128K. Here's the question: Does this download throttle setting for site B (or any site) apply only to downloading from the primary server or satellite server or both?

I ask because I was watching a machine at site B download bundles the other day and it was going really slowly. These are bundles that should have been available to the agent from it's local satellite server. So either the bundles weren't available on the satellite for some reason and the agent was retrieving them from the primary (and the bandwidth throttle applied) or it was getting it from the satellite and the bandwidth throttle was being applied when downloading from it's local satellite.

I just need some clarification on the download throttle settings.