We would like to rename our post office and domain folders, but experience issues when doing so. We do not actually need to rename the post office and domain themselves: Just the folders on the server.

The process below was conducted in a test environment using Microsoft HyperV and Windows Server 2012 with the NIC closed. In reality, we have already upgraded successfully from GW8 to GW2012. The test environment represents a new server to which we will move our GW2012. We have been requested to rename the folders as part of the move.

Scenario 1 in test environment: When upgrading from GW8 to GW2012, we rename the folders, then perform the upgrade. When the domain and post office services are started, folders with the original names are created in addition to the renamed folders. The folders created with the original names contain sub folders, some of which are populated with data. The services start properly and stay running, but we have folders with both the original and new names.

Scenario 2 in test environment: If we upgrade from GW8 to GW2012 using the existing folder names, the domain and post office services start without any issues and stay running. However, if we rename the folders, the services do not start properly (as expected). They start, then stop. Again, additional folders with the original names are created.

Any insight into how we can resolve these issues would be much appreciated.