Vancouver, BC-based employee gets Samsung Galaxy smartphone & brings it to US-based support person for GW configuration. Standard configuration ("Exchange" mailbox pointed to Groupwise Mobility Server) is applied, and works, at least when phone is on wi-fi. Configuration not tested on cell data for this employee because there's no signal in the building, plus why would it work with one and not the other? Employee claims that all phone apps, features, and functions are fine except that when she is in the US and away from wifi, GroupWise does not work. Says that under same circumstances all other phone stuff works, including GMail. Claims that as soon as she crossed over into Canada (thus, I assume, switching from the US part of her cell data plan to the Canadian part), GroupWise mail started coming in. Also claims that her cell provider "said that when they looked up group wise it told them it may be an update issue." Does this situation - or that reference to an update issue - look familiar to anyone? I'll post more details as I get them.