We often use application virtualization for larger apps that would take too long to install via msi. We put those large virtual apps on a network share and users launch them from there rather than installing them locally. It's worked well for us, but we miss out on some features, like file associations, context menus, etc. We could get most of these features back if created in msi in ZAV when we create the virtual app, but the msi always installs the virtual app to Program Files, which defeats the purpose for us.

So my question: Is there a way we can create an MSI that behaves just like the one generated by ZAV, but rather than installing the .exe to Program Files and pointing everything there, it instead does not install the exe at all and just points everything to the already existing exe on the shared drive?

We tend to be a bit of a unique use case, but I was hoping someone else had run into a similar problem.

Thank you!