We are virtualizing 6 Netware 6.5 SP8 servers under ESX 5, urgently.

One of the servers has a OLD workstation that is connecting via IPX.

The current server uses Broadcomm B57 drivers & IPX will load/bind fine. The virtualized servers have Intel E1000 and the BIND failed.

What do to? Is there a specific driver that I can use to make the IPX bind work? I see drivers from the Novell support site, but they only tell me what cards are supported, not what protocols. And we all know that IPX was old long long ago ... but I don't have any choice in this, I'm the person who was yanked into it at the last moment.

Anyone know how I can load a driver for E1000 that includes IPX?


Current is:

load ipxrtr routing=none
LOAD Q57.LAN SLOT=10017 FRAME=Ethernet_802.3 NAME=Q57_1_E83