Attempted install of 2014 eval and install went OK and I can receive emails from the outside but cannot send emails outside. Internal emails work fine and receiving internet mail seems OK but cannot send.
Verified that necessary ports are not being blocked..

I feel like the issue is part of the install and how the GWIA and Message transfer agents work.. Feels like I am missing some kind of connection here..

Other question I have that certainly may be related / cause of my issues is that I am real fuzzy on what my domain name / addressing should be..
I am using Windows Home Server for my domain with a domain name of XXX.HOMESERVER.COM (And using this name I am currently running a web server that works fine... )
With that in mind what should my MAIL record look like in DNS?
Also what should my DOMAIN name be in Groupwise? My server is called MAILHOST (pretty catchy eh?) so should my domain be MAILHOST.XXX.HOMESERVER.COM. ?

Sorry for the simplistic questions folks... I am an I/T guy but clearly email and DNS is not my strong suit...