Data synchronizer mobility pack

I just successfully completed a move of my entire Groupwise 8 SP3 system from Netware to SLES 11 SP2. I had assumed that when the move was completed, I would be able to just change the IP address for the post office in the Groupwise and Mobility connectors using the management console for NDSMP.

However after the change there was still no syncing of emails. I then found a discussion about this same problem and the solution that worked for that person was to create a new Trusted Application Key in Console 1 for NDSMP. I did so and changed the key name and key in the NDSMP Groupwise Connector window.

Restarting the connector after the change produces the error:

An error has occurred starting the connector Error: Please verify that the connector manager is running and that the connectors.xml file is correctly configured.

I then tried to change back to the old key, whcih at least allowed the connector to start, however \i get the same error.

What do I need to do to get this up and running.