farmeunitWPSD wrote:

> Sorry for my poor thread title. Long day....
> Here is the log:
> 5112
> I had to delete two thirds of it to fit, but still a lot of info
> there.
> There were several "unknown errors" on several files, but also
> wondering why the two is red. Wasn't sure if that just meant there
> was an error, or indicated a limited factor of some some. Since the
> Activity log would show info, not sure why it would appear read on My
> Files.

Ok, so the red thing is normal if you're talking about within the
properties of the Filr Client, the Synchronized Folders list. Anytime
the size is 1 GB or more we put the size in red just as an alert that
you're going to be syncing a large amount of data for that particular
folder. For example, My Files for me is 4 GB in size and highlighted
in red. That doesn't have anything to do with why you can't sync

The first actual error I see is when trying to upload "Built-in
Functions.pptx" within your My Files. I'm not sure why it's erroring
out on that file. Maybe take a look via the web client and see if that
file exists under the Managing Assignments folder? I'm curious if
that's only on the local client or not. If it is, maybe try removing
that file outside of the Filr folder, say to your desktop, and then
force a sync and see if files start populating.

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