I just upgraded one domain and 2 POs to GW 2014.

Whereas the upgrade processs went smoothly and the new agents are
running fine I have started to test the GW 2014 client and that was
more than a disappointment.

First all - for me - major bugs of the GW2012 client are still there
GW client crashes if you add an attachment via the add attachment
button on the message compose screen

HTML printing of messages without attachment does not print the mail


But now a new bug regarding the Find Contacts interface is nagging me:

You can only drag and drop contacts from the find contacts result page
to the subject and the message text field but not to the To, CC, Bc
fields, which is the place where I use to put them. Since you cannot
otherwise copy your search results into an existing message it gets
quite inconvenient to create a new mail and copy the address from that
mail to the mail, where I want to have it.

And the new small calendar items are not really nice for people with
reduced eye-sight.

W. Prindl