Hello all.
I have a DSfW deployment from around last April, SLES 11 SP3/OES 11 SP2. Everything went rather well. I had to implement Univ Passwords before deploying.

I'm having some problems with workstations losing their trust with the domain. I suspect the workstation password update process isn't happening as it should, but I don't know how best to troubleshoot.

One thing I discovered a couple of week back is that the password policy assigned to the Computers container was "Default Password Policy". However, in iManager's Passwords task, that policy showed no assignments. I deleted it soon after deployment because I didn't want local admins to become confused since the actual "default" for the system was another policy. But the Computers container still pointed to "Default Password Policy" in its nsmpPasswordPol. So I created a "Computer Password Policy" and assigned it to Computers container, though viewing the policy from the task doesn't show that it's assigned to any container.

This week we actually got a Trust lost to domain error on a workstation that was brought up about a month ago, but never used until now.

Can anyone lay out the prerequisites to having workstation passwords update properly so that Trust is maintained month-to-month?

Many thanks in advance,