I am trying to migrate to zen 11 SP3 but I keep running into compatibility issues with the tools.

My current system is one primary server running zen 11SP2 on OES2/SLES10 64bit and one 64bit SLES 11 satellite server in a branch office .

What I have tried thus far:
-I have tried adding a zen 11SP3 v-app to the zone and then retire the old OES VM but this is not supported b/c you can't have a SP3 machine in an SP2 zone.
-I then tried adding a zen 11 SP2 v-app to the zone and run the SP3 migration tool but the migration tool fails b/c the tool does not support migrating to a v-app.

Can someone give me some direction on how to move to SP3? Should I use the SP2 mig tool or is there an easier solution?

Thank you,