After a number of attempts over an extended period, I have finally succeeded in setting up a new Novell Suse Linux server with OES (SLES 11 SP3 with OES11 SP2). I did it mainly to prove that I could, having used Netware and then NOWS SBE for a time, and I still have a Maintenance / Support agreement for NOWS. As much as anything its so I can learn more about the NOWS product.

Now however, I've struck a bit of an impasse. I can log into iManager as well as Remote Manager. OES shows me that I have a SYS volume and a PUBLIC volume, and I thought I should create another volume in which I would create folders for Users, Shared Data, GroupWise etc. However, first one needs a Pool to create a volume in, and that's where I seem to be snookered. When I try to create a new Pool (in iManager), after nominating the server and a valid Pool name I'm told: "Error: Unable to find sufficient space for the request". When I set it up I did not impose any space restrictions and it appears to me that there's 219gb of free space reported. I can happily create new folders in the existing SYS or Public volumes.

Is this not what I should be capable of doing, or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any guidance.