(I was asked to try posting here for additional assistance I also posted this originally in the NetIQ forums)

I'm running iManager 2.7.7 on my Windows 7 workstation, I run the iManager version from the batch file, and I have added plug-ins as needed. In this case I have been trying to access "my cluster" tab, and the cluster services/resources which run on a mixture of eDirectory 8.8.6 - 8.8.7 servers.

When I access the "My Cluster" Object, (for example ABCCluster), I receive the following error: Failed to retrieve status information about cluster ABCCluster via Master IP address 10.x.x.x. Do you want to select a cluster node (preferably the master node) to manage the cluster? Please note that the selection will be temporary. You need to select again whenever "My Clusters" page loads. Please use this opportunity to fix the master IP address. [Yes] [No]

In this instance I have tried [No] and iManager seems to loose it's connection and or times out when I actually click on the link for the Cluster name

Where can I start my troubleshooting?

An error that I just saw was cim_err_access_denied

Thank you,